Course curriculum

    1. Welcome To Shopify With Amber Exclusive!

    2. Adding Products SWA

    3. Creating Collections

    4. Customizing Your Theme

    5. Domains, Payments, Shipping

    6. Generic Shipping and Return Policies (Edit Them To Fit Your Store)

    7. Creating A Manual Order

    8. How To Fulfill An Order

    9. Creating Nested Menus (Dropdown Menus)

    10. How To Create Discounts

    11. What is Dropshipping and why would you need it? Let Kayla Explain

    12. Designing AI Designs In MidJourney

    1. Adding A "How Sezzle Works" Page

    2. Adding Sezzle for a Payment Option (after you have been approved as a merchant)

    3. Adding ZIP as payment option (after being approved for a merchant account)

    4. Creating Duplicate Products (Time Saver for Tumblers & T-Shirts)

    5. Designing Grave Blanket In Photoshop and Ordering from the Vendor

    6. Creating QR Codes In Canva




    10. Shopify Holiday Sales Tips 2022

    1. Shopify Apps Explained

    2. Copy of Hulk Product Options

    3. King Product Options

    4. Digital Downloads

    5. Shopify Email

    6. Automizely Emails & Pop Ups

    7. Sesami App Tutorial (appointment booking)

    8. Bold Upsell True Upsells

    1. Black Friday Checklist & Strategies (Zoom Session)

    1. December Email Calendar

    2. December Social Media

About this course

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  • 33 lessons
  • 8 hours of video content